Birding on the Trail

We are thrilled in 2024 to be able to offer Slow Birding with the Bird Diva Bridget Butler!

Slow Birding is a mindful approach that will connect you with birds, the land, and yourself. Bridget will teach us how to get to know birds beyond their identification. We’ll start by finding who’s on the landscape that particular day and practice sharing our observations as a group in a way that uplifts each participant, no matter their level of knowledge or experience birding. Next, we’ll settle into a sit spot session with prompts that Bridget will offer the group to use. We’ll wrap up by coming back together and sharing our observations, feelings, and wonderings with the whole group. 

Participants should dress for the weather and at least 30 minutes of sitting in place. Consider bringing a portable chair, journal, hot beverage or water, binoculars, and whatever will make you most comfortable when sitting. Bridget will have binoculars and portable chairs for participants to borrow, as well as a small cart to carry our gear.

Bridget strives to make birding accessible to all. If you have any accessibility needs, please let us know, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you. Your participation is important to us, and we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy this outing.

Sunday, July 21st from 2 to 5pm – Location TBD

Saturday, August 10th from 8 to 10am – Location TBD

Group size is limited and registration is required (email to sign up). Directions and parking info will be sent the week of the event.

Thank you to the Bristol Recreation Club, Inc. and the Vermont Community Foundation SPARK Grants for funding this series, which is also supported by the Lawrence Memorial Library.

Sitting Still
I notice the singular voice of the river
monosyllabic and even monotonous
while the forested birdsong trills 
in and out of the leaves before disappearing
I wonder what birds are saying
when they sing their 2-note 3-note songs
Are they asking a question or making a plea
staking a claim or perhaps announcing
their adoration of another
I wonder if they are talking to me
and that I should pay more attention
dispense of my to-do list  worries  newsy headlines
and escape into the geophany of their double-larynx symphonies
This reminds me of the little slice of Eden
here by the river  this idyllic garden
of veerys and thrushes vireos and ovenbirds 
kingfishers and redstarts
this garden of birdsong that I and the birds can call home

Lily HInrichsen
(participant in June Slow Birding event)